Sunday, September 21, 2014

Eylure Halloween Spooky Lashes - Caught in the Web

I tried so hard to resist these lashes, but after about my third visit to Ulta they came home with me and tonight I had to give them a try.

These guys retailed at my Ulta in Visalia, CA for $7.99, and they do qualify for any coupons, of course.

After applying some fun makeup in varying shades of red, a nod to the 'black widow' theme but not so obvious or overpowering as to not let the lashes shine, I applied the lashes.

They went on very easily and were surprisingly light. They also felt like they would last quite well.

As you can see they are actually fairly subtle. While I ADORE the out there paper lashes, they can be a bit much for some, so these are a great in between for those that might want something more than basic lashes but not something so extreme.

These would be great for a work dress up day even. A little something extra if you had to wear a uniform but wanted to have some Halloween flair. I do believe they would be comfortable and stay on well all day long. Of course, if you have a very active job, like nursing, that might be a different story.

They are certainly lovely and totally fun to play with and whether they are for a costume one had planned they are an inexpensive addition to a makeup kit for fun future looks.

The two red shadows and frosty white are all from Coastal Scents. It can be hard to find good, pigmented red shadows and these are all great.