Monday, March 17, 2014

Divergent Faction Nails

I actually did these nails about a month ago but I figured with the movie coming out on Friday I would go ahead and get these babies posted. I enjoyed the books and I'm really looking forward to the movie. As you can see, I did one faction per nail. I may do another full mani soon, in which I will add a link to that post in this one.

Pinky: Abnegation
Ring: Amity
Middle: Dauntless
Pointer: Candor
Thumb: Erudite (there is a better look in the next photo)

I do not recall which polishes I used for everything, I meant to take bottle shots and completely forgot. The stamping on the Amity and Erudite fingers are from the Bundle Monster CYO set, Dauntless was freehanded, and the Candor and Abnegation nails were taped.

I can't quite choose which faction is my favorite, but I do think I belong in Amity. Though I do think the Candor nail is my favorite, I have been intending to do a full manicure of that design.

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