Friday, November 22, 2013

Jelly Polish and Stamping in Layers Featuring OPI and Bundle Monster

I recently acquired a couple of things that made me have a new nail art love, two new jelly polishes and the new Bundle Monster CYO stamping plate set.

I ordered Zoya Paloma during their Halloween promotion, and man, I love it. I need to get their other two jelly shades, the formula was perfect.

For this mani I used a jelly from OPI, which I think they called sorbet polishes, that I found in the dollar area of Target for $4. The shade name is Y'all Come Back Ya Hear, which is from the 2011 Texas collection. The formula was pretty good, not as good as Zoya's, but good.

These are the products I used today.

Gelous is my favorite base coat, always smooth and really bonds well. OPI Y'all Come Back Ya Hear. Milani 301 White (which I found at Dollar Tree and is great for stamping). Lastly, I've been fond of Color Club's topcoat lately.

This is what three coats of OPI Y'all Come Back Ya Hear looks like alone.

These are the plates I used, the honeycomb design BM-422, and the bee from BM-401.

After applying three coats of color and letting them completely dry, I stamped the honeycomb design on all nails. Now, be careful with the final coat of jelly polishes. Zoya's did not smudge my stamping at all, but the OPI did smudge a bit, so use a light hand and just float the brush just in case. 

After that final coat of color I stamped on the bee on a few nails, creating the extra layering effect. I finished it all off with a layer of top coat.

Here is the finished mani:

Also, here is a shot from my instagram ( of the same technique done with Zoya Paloma:

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