Saturday, October 26, 2013

DIY Glitter Eyelashes

I love false eyelashes. I don't wear them regularly or for long periods of time, but I love them. I enjoy taking photos and having a fun pair of lashes can really pull together a look. Glitter eyelashes are everywhere, and super pretty, but can also get pricy at anywhere from $5 to $25 on up. I'm cheap and I'm crafty, so I decided to find a way to have glitter eyelashes and also have the option to remove the glitter and try another look. For this brief how to I'm using elf lashes (that come with glue, bonus) that are only $1 and some craft glitter. A note on the craft glitter, if you plan on wearing these for an extended period of time, it is probably best to use makeup safe glitter, should some get in your eye.
For those familiar with false eyelashes and the glue you know that you can wash it off, well that concept comes in handy when using the lash glue itself to adhere the glitter to the tips. I decided to use this teal-ish color for an upcoming mermaid look I'm going to do. This method can be used with glitter, rhinestones, glimmer powders, and even larger glitter accents. First, I removed the lashes and used the side of the plastic to stick them to so that the tips would be free.
This makes it simple to do them both at once. I simply ran the lash glue across the tips of both lashes and then immediately sprinkled glitter over them and shook it off.
It's really that simple. I let mine dry for a while before I use them. Want to wash them for another look? Just use some gentle soap or shampoo and water and gently scrub them and let them sit out on a wash cloth or paper towel to dry and then start all over again. I've done this with these pairs four or five times and there is no breakdown. Look for the mermaid look with these lashes later this evening or tomorrow.

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