Monday, July 28, 2014

Avengers Nail Art ::: The Lacquer Legion's July Themed Mani

If you're not familiar with The Lacquer Legion, then head on over to their Facebook page and check them out. The have an open monthly nail art challenge with a new theme each month, all tied neatly together with one universal hashtag so that it's easy to check out everyone's art.

This months theme was fandom, which is super fun as it is, but I had a hard time narrowing it down. With all of the fun Marvel stuff (my favorite) coming up and SDCC going on this weekend I figured I would go ahead and go with an Avengers themed manicure. 

While I had intended to go far more in depth with this, I just wasn't quite feeling up to it, but I still gave it my best shot.

I didn't want to do the 'usual' designs for many of these, so I tried to mix it up a bit, especially as I have done Avengers nails before.

I regret not slapping a matte top coat on my Coulson nail, as the shine hid much of the detail of the suit. I also regret the darkness of the purple on the Hawkeye nail. Ah, hindsight.

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